New Grad Jobs in Brooklyn, NY

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    Hey all! I am a recent grad & am looking for full time employment. I graduated in 1/13, but took NCLEX-PN in 5/13 & passed. I have been seeking employment ever since. I know that it hasn't been long, but I am hearing some people's success story & am hoping it could be mine as well. Any info is helpful! :-)

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    hi there!!! im in the same boat. recently graduated as an lpn and been looking for about two months now.. any luck with you??
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    there are a few agency that I know in Brooklyn that will hire new grads because the nursing home I work always have LPN come trough agency check quality healthcare , stallion group, healthcare stat, staff blue, all names I mention are agencies you can Google them for the address but I see more people from quality healthcare with out experience
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    thank you very much for the info
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    u welcome let me know if it work

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