Nclex!! Kaplan??

  1. Hi everyone..I'm new at this site and it seems that good advice is given here on reading various threads. I failed my Nclex pn on oct. 10 and retaking soon. After crying and being depressed, I'm beginning to worry now that i still wake up at night thinking about that darn test and why i didnt pass it. I must pass it this 2nd attempt. I really want to be a nurse and didnt go thru school for nothing, so i'm definitely not giving up! The first time I bought Saunders comprehensive book and went thru the CD. It didnt seem to help me cause i failed! This time I bought Kaplan strategies and Qbank. Did anyone pass with this method? How did you study for Nclex? Is the second time harder, same content but different questions? I ask God to please guide me and give me strength and be positive for this second chance. Please if anyone can please give me some feedback...Thank you guys!!!