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    i have finished VN school since 2007, i took the nclex 2008 but failed and havent tried taking it again. it is now 2010 and a lot of things happened. i got married and have a child and i want to take my nclex. the problem is i am now using my husbands lastname. i have wrote the board 3 weeks ago for name changed due to marital status and havent heard from them. i called so many times and it seems their phoneline is busy or down. i need help i would like to take my nclex in two months. My pearsonvue is still under my single name, i was thingking if i register for a new username with my new surname?. what should i do? im not getting help from the board!!!

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    it always takes them a long time to do anything. i got married a few weeks before i took the nclecx, so i just took it under my maiden name, then changed it after i passed

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