LVN- upcoming pharmacology test for a hospital job, input needed

  1. 0 Has anyone experience the pharmacology tests given by their place of employment?
    Do they give it after the interview or do you come back at a later time to take it?

    Was it fairly common sense?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    I was given a drug & calculation test at both jobs at the interview. It was a mix of medications common & high risk (like insulin). I work pediatrics so my tests also included 'safe dose' for age & weight.
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    I actually took one today. Fairly easy, common sense questions. How many tabs would you give? How many milliliters would you give? and some priority a 93%
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    this question has been asked a coupla times.

    do a search. I took a pharm/med test as part of the interview for my current job. got some helpful hints from this site. good luck!

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