LVN-RN in Nevada???

  1. Hi, I will be graduating from my LVN program at the end of the month and plan to take my N-Clex as soon as possible and move to Nevada to work there. I plan on doing my RN program through the Excelsior program while I work as an LVN there in Nevada. As some of you know, California doesn't recognize Excelsior graduates, so that is why I am taking this route. My question is, Does anyone know wether once I take my boards here for my LVN license and pass and move to Nevada, do I have to take boards there again to be able to work there? My plans are to hopefully get through my Excelsior program by the end of the year, and probably be able to take boards for the RN program in Nevada by January or even at the end of this year. Am I being realistic here? I have heard of some Excelsior graduates finishing thier program in about 3-5 months. Any one in Nevada I would appreciate your advice. Thanks
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