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Lpn wanting additional certifications

  1. 0 Anyone in NY know how I can add more credentials to my license? Any certifications I can take to make myself more marketable? If so which ones and where? Remember I'm in NY. Not everything I can do here that another Lpn in another state can.
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    Which part of NY? I am upstate and just got hired at a clinic that is part of the hospital. They have an entire brochure on certifications that you can gain through them. Phlebotomy, and ACLS certification are some examples, just to name a few.
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    I'm specializing in surgical ophthalmology so I am currently after my COA (certified ophthalmic assistant) on top of my LVN license. I think it's great to let potential employers know you are furthering education and eager to learn more.
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    Check out this article, might be helpful: Popular Types of LPN Certifications - Practical Nursing Online