LPN living in New York in need of a new job.....FAST! LPN living in New York in need of a new job.....FAST! | allnurses

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LPN living in New York in need of a new job.....FAST!

  1. 0 hi everyone
    I really dislike working in a ltc facility....its hard to find another job elsewhere; does anyone have any suggestions... in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island , or NYC?
    any suggestion will be appreciated, tx in advance.
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    NY methodist hospital (park slope) posted an lpn position today on their site. Also Elmhurst hospital (Queens I think) posted 2 positions yesterday. Good luck
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    thanks soo much
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    My best advice is to find a place in a hospital and continue your education. Further education will ensure your future. You may not be any happier but you will have the potential to apply for more positions and make more money.
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    I feel your pain Joey. I graduated two years ago. Did some outpatient clinics and then took this ltc job bc the hours are better and I really regret it! Makes me really regret doing LPN instead of RN. So sad what they are doing to us LPNs these days. Im enrolled in excelsior now trying to advance asap!
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    Thanks cherryames1949