LPN can't find a flexible "bridge to RN" program in IL

  1. I have happily been an LPN for 12 years. I feel like I've worked hard enough, and "paid my dues" throughout the years. I would like the opportunity to further my education, and become an RN. The problem is, that I have children to support and I cannot afford to take off work for a year to complete a traditional bridge program. The so called "distance" programs that are advertised as "The College Network" and so on, are not an option here, since theory and clinical education have to be concurrent in IL. I need a program that is flexible enough to allow me to keep my job. Does anyone have any info or ideas?
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  3. by   Jasel
    The College Network sounds like a scam anyway. You're better off avoiding it. Not sure about flexible bridge programs in Illinois. Honestly there never seemed to be a great selection of lpn - rn programs in Illinois IMO, but the ones I researched never seemed flexible. The only thing I can suggest is be willing to find a new job and relocate and also check out programs in Indiana.