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lpn by endorsement to LA question

  1. 0 I am a traveling lpn and I am looking to settle down. I am going to move to Louisianna and am wondering what the difference in LPN 1 and LPN 2 is? Any help?
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    Hi, I live in New Orleans. LPN 1 is usually a less experienced LPN (in years on the job I mean, not practice). And LPN 2 is usually one with 5 or more years of experience, and they are given more responsibilty; for example they can be charge nurses in a hospital. Hospitals are usually the only places that have LPN 1 and 2. Ohh and LPN 2's aree paid more of course. Some hospitals like charity will hire a newer LPN for and LPN 2 position, but with less pay; so basically you can have seniority, but your paycheck will be smaller than everyone else on your level.