Ks CMA test results

  1. I have a close friend that took her CMA test 30 days ago and she still hasn't received the results. Why does it take so long? She lives in Ks. Does anybody have any info.? LPN exams results are much quicker. If you can't reschedule you should have passed in 24-48 hrs. Thank You!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    In the United States, LPN exam results are handled by Pearson Vue and state boards of nursing. Since CMAs are not licensed nurses, CMA exam results are handled by a totally different entity that has nothing to do with the board of nursing. Hence, the turnaround time for pass/fail results is not going to be the same for the two types of exams.
  4. by   wecan11
    Thank you. I just thought the processing time would be weeks not a month +.