is it really that hard to find a job as a LVN? - page 2

I keep getting told that it'll be hard too find a job, and that all you literally will be doing is taking care of old people. I know a nursing home is a option but that cant just it out there!... Read More

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    I live in Oregon and I just got hired on at a clinic with the veterans affairs (VA). I feel so fortunate to be hired on with the VA because there are so many opportunities for LPN's. My dad is a veteran and was having surgery at the VA hospital a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that they had LPN's in the ED along with on the med/surg wards. In the civilian hospitals in my area do not use Lpn's anymore. If possible try and get hired on with the VA. They have good benifits and they will help pay for student loans after awhile.
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