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Imovane to treat headaches?!

  1. 0 Hey guys! I'm back for another question(s) I have in mind

    Do doctors/nurses give imovane to treat not only insomnia but headaches??

    feom my research I understand that imovane is a type of sedative used to treat insomnia

    however I have a pt who is getting it TID AND PRN.

    I was told that the pt often request for PRN due to headaches... But isn't headaches on of side effects of taking imovane?

    currently regular imovane is d/c and is prescribed with a different type of sedative for insomnia..

    Are headaches also due to withdrawl from constant use of imovane?

    sorry for the long post. As usual thoughts, opinions, and knowledge are WELCOME! Thanks guys
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    It is similar to Ambien....I haven't seen it used as a TID med. I would have someone check the order.