I hate morning like these. I hate morning like these. | allnurses

I hate morning like these.

  1. 0 I had a crazy morning. Did so much but feel like I did nothing at all. Bouncing back and forth, room to room like a big bouncing ball. Being yelled at for not being on time. I was helping another resident is that such a crime.
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    Oh man I know the feeling. Well hope your day gets better...mine is just starting

    Christine Hamilton LVN
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    I totally understand. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Do what you can and believe me, you are actually doing something even if it doesn't feel that way.
    It'll get better.... ebb and flow...that's how work can be
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    It gets better , I know mornings like what are describing are very challenging , especially after being yelled at.. Hang in there , this to shall pass..
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    Thanks for your comments ., it can be hard especially if it several days in a row, thank god for days off.