How to meet the 1-3 years of experience when applying?

  1. Does anyone know how to gain experience for CNA/LVN jobs? Most of them require at least 6 months to a year of experience... Any tips?
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  3. by   chevyv
    Years ago I had my first interview for a CNA position and it was the same thing...6 months experience. I applied anyway, got an interview, and told them I would be the best CNA they ever had if they would give me a chance to prove myself. I got the job. My advice would be to apply and be confident and want to learn everything the facility can teach you. They can 'mold' you into the worker they want/need. Good luck to you!
  4. by   AWannerLPN
    I would let them know that although you do not have paid experience at the position applying for during your schooling for your license you did have clinical rotations in which you utilized and carried out the task needed as per the job duties listed. ALso reference back to other position in which you had similar task.

  5. by   heyitsme728
    Ok thanks.