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How do you find a job?

  1. 0 Hi...Does anyone have tips on how to get a job as an lvn? Thanks!
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    Craig's List, all job search engines, going out of foot, hospital websites, LTC websites, home care websites, putting your resume on search engines, career fair, networking with fellow nurses, faxing resume to MD offices...that's all I got.
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    In addition to HippyDippyLPN's suggestions, knowing someone who knows "someone" can't hurt. It seems by the time a vacancy pops up on the usual advertising vehicles - website, job bulletin, etc, the decision makers already have an idea who they're going to hire. So as you go through this process, keep that in mind. I wish you all the best.
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    I know I would call places to ask whether they were hiring because sometimes online the listings weren't always accurate and if they took applications AT the facility. I did not get many call backs from the dozens of online applications but the ones that I applied 'in person - on paper' and that's how I landed my job. Make sure your resume is updated and on point - consider having someone else take a look at it for you. Don't give up and don't be frustrated! Best of luck to you!