How do I sign up to give flu shots?

  1. I'd like to give flu shots this year. Who would I call to get a temp job doing this?
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  3. by   MsNewGradRN
    Well, I am not really sure where you live, Im in San Diego, CA and I found a part-time job giving flu shots on Craigslist.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Call local staffing agencies to see if they have a flu shot gig that piques your interest. Around this time of year, many of the nursing agencies in my area will hire anyone with a nursing license to give injections at the various flu shot clinics.
  5. by   OklaLPN
    Try the Visiting Nurses office in your area...
  6. by   melligirll
    Hi lpn/lvn in live in plano,tx is their some where i could get would care certification class...