How are LPN jobs in the Portland, Oregon area?

  1. Are jobs easy to come by for new grads and, if so, what type of jobs?
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  3. by   Niki LPN
    Hi, I am currently an LPN in Portland, OR. I graduated and took my NCLEX 4 years ago and found a job within a month. I started out in skilled nursing, it was good hands on experience and then I got a job with Kaiser Permanente. I will say there is a fair amount of Jobs out there for LPN's right now, look in the long term care/ skilled nursing department, and then work from there. Kaiser is really slow to hire nurses...Of all the people i know that work here applied for about 6 months before getting an interview, and then all the sudden three different clinics call to interview. lol. But if you would like some ideas for right away i suggest you look into Avamere companies, it is long term care and skilled nursing facilities, and i Swore in nursing school i would NEVER work that job (ha yeah right!) but it ended up being some of the best experience i could ask for. Lots of wound care, catheterizations, injections, assessments, IV starts and hands on nursing experience. hope this helps!