FL LPN to OK LPN license??

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I graduated a few months ago and im preparing for my nclex next month. I live in FL but Im going to be moving to Oklahoma with my bf after i take the nclex. I already registed to pay ant take it here in FL so ill have a FL license. <y question is how to I transfer my license to a Oklahoma license? Please tell me I dont have to take the nclex again....
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    Look up endorsement on the new state BON website
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    From what I heard once you pass the FL NCLEX and get your FL license all you need to do is apply for a license in the state you're moving to. I don't believe you would have to re-test at all.
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    You'll need to obtain an Oklahoma LPN license by endorsement. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing will require some fees, a copy of your birth certificate, an application, a background check from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), and a few more things. The process is clearly stated on the Oklahoma BON's website.
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