find out if u passed on breeze! CA

  1. Okay so after the long wait I finally got threw to the boards 9 days(1/26/2017) after my nclex-PN
    (1/17/2017)! She updated my breeze account because I wasn't able to link myself so she did it for me .. once we got off the phone I logged in nd seen initial license application (third drop down) under application activities! For a whole week I seen change my name .. request verification letter... nd apply for interim license.. untill I called the boards in which she updated it ! Thus, with this being said this is basically letting me pay for my license ! Which on the other hand means I passed! Just wanted to give you guys another way to see if u passed .. especially being in California with no quick results.. ps. I did get the PVT good pop up for the whole 9 days! So I'm sure the trick still works in 2017! Now I'm just waiting for my offical letter ..she said it was sent out the 19,20th or 23rd so I should be receiving it by tmrw! will let you guys know when I do receive it! Any questions? Message me
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  3. by   Stacicans
    Mine has the option to retake the test did yours have that before you called?
  4. by   Brecio
    Before I called under applicant activities it said 1st option---> change name... 2nd option--> request verification 3rd option--->Interim permit then once I called she updated my account nd it then said apply for initial license for the 3rd option instead of interim license... did u get the good or bad PVT pop up?
  5. by   Stacicans
    I got the good pop up... so thats why im confused when i seen that on the breeze website
  6. by   Brecio
    What r the three options under applicant activities
  7. by   Stacicans
    Name change
    Request Verification
    VN retake request
    Interim licence
  8. by   Brecio
    I never seen that third one u have the retake one:/. Maybe u should call and ask them to update your account
  9. by   Stacicans
    I just took my test on Tuesday
  10. by   Brecio
    Quote from Stacicans
    I just took my test on Tuesday
    It should be updated cus my friend took hers this past Monday nd hers says initial license :/
  11. by   tippy27
    Hi, have you recieved your official results yet? I took my nclex on jan 23, its only been a week an two days lol but im dying for the results. This is my second
    attempt so the wait is stressful. I did the pv trick and got the good pop this time but i cant let myself get excited until i see it on paper
  12. by   Brecio
    Took it on the 17th.. it got sent out on the 19th nd I received it on the 28th saying I it took 1 week nd 4 days from the day I took my test! Nd good pop up still works congratulations (:
  13. by   Mariadc73
    Hi, I was reading your comments about PV pop ups.. what exactly does it say if you pass with the "trick"
  14. by   Mariadc73
    I just took my exam Feb 6 2017... I'm anxious to know..