Envelope letter?

  1. what kind of envelope did you guys received for your nclex result in CA? is it thick or thin? thanks
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    My California NCLEX-PN passing results were in a thin, small white envelope.
  4. by   Miss SubQ
    This is a very good question?!?! I was thinking the same thing. I called up my classmates that have passed. They said that if you pass you have a small white envelope but if you didnt pass you get a bigg thick envelope with the re-registration stuff in it. I havent received mines yet either and i live in CA. Let's pray we get the small white envelope!!!

    Good Luck!!
    Miss SubQ
  5. by   beethoven1117
    i just got mine last week and it was in a small envelope, and i passed.
  6. by   superkyx
    thank you guys for all the replies. I hope that everyone who took the NCLEX exams will receive their results in the mail by a small "thin" white envelope. Now i am very anxious he ehehe lol