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    I live in East Texas and I just graduated for LV/PN school back in August. I was wondering if anyone knows any or the most effective methods for finding a job. we were told by our instructers that online searches were good but others have told me that they are the least effective, also they are so (sometimes) too big and broad. so, I was wondering if anyone knew of other methods that might be more effective for a new grad

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    Patience and networking. Most places refuse unsolicited paper resumes at the door and direct you to their specific website. Create a profile on the specific hospital/healthcare organization career website and keep a resume posted there. The big job search sites are too big and Monster needs a geography lesson. I'd put in a 30-mile search radius and it was giving me listings over 50 miles away. Good luck!
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    I got my LPN license in August. I applied online to every job opening for LPN that didn't state they wanted experience or only preferred experience. I also found jobs in the newspaper and applied in person to those. The job I have I found on Craigslist and applied online. I suggest you do both. Just be sure to send a resume, cover letter and references when you apply online. Good luck.
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