Continuing Education

  1. This is my first time renewing my LVN license but I have some questions that maybe some of you have the answers to.

    I'm at the end of an LVN-BSN program at National University and hope that my school counts for CEU's but I don't know how much each class is worth or if it counts. I looked on the BVNPT website and looks like psych, med surg II and pharmacology count, but how? Does 1 hour = 1.0 credit?

    BVNPT says you need 30 hours of CE w/in 2 yrs. Does that mean I only need 30 hours or 30 credits. If I'm not mistaken they are not the same thing.

    I emailed the board and am waiting for a reply. I've also called but the voicemail says the number is not active due to high volume and than automatically hangs up.. Great...

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  3. by   So_Cali_LVN
    Im pretty sure you dont need CEU's for your FIRST renewal, just pay the fees...
  4. by   Mimi0330
    So_Ca_LVN was right, I was told i do not need CEU's for first time renewal when i took my IV therapy and blood withdrawal class.
  5. by   BenJammn
    Sorry guys, guess I should have clarified that, but this is my first time renewing and needing 30 credits.