career choices :)

  1. What specialty did you want to work in during nursing school? Did you end up doing that or something different?
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  3. by   libran1984
    In LPN school I wanted to be an ER nurse.... I actually got it a year after graduation too... insane!!
  4. by   JulieVN:)
    Yay.. I want to do L&D or work in an OB clinc but its hard to get into that as a LVN :/
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    Geriatrics or Psych. I work in geriatrics but most days feel like I work in psych, especially on the dementia floor!
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I was attracted to LTC during my LVN program's clinical rotations. I ended up working in various LTC facilities and nursing homes for six years. Since LTC is generally easier to break into than other more sought-after specialties, this should be no surprise.

    If I had aspirations for the ICU, labor & delivery, or some other high-acuity specialty, I definitely would have had difficulties breaking into these units as an LVN in the city where I live.
  7. by   Stranded55
    Trauma! I loved it and did it for 8 years.