Can I start applying?

  1. Hey friends! Question!

    I finished LVN school April 2011, took my boards June 2011 & passed first time! My letter that arrived in the mail stated that I needed to submit my conviction record from the court to further process my application & may take up to 8-12 weeks. I submitted the paperwork last week & now I'm praying that it won't take longer than the time stated. With that said, since I don't have my license number, am I able to apply for jobs now or should I wait for my actual license in the mail?
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  3. by   prettyinblu
    Honestly...... I would wait. Can you work as a Graduate Practical Nurse? Or ask the board of nursing? Without a license number Im not sure if you can?
  4. by   CT Pixie
    In most States you can only work as a GPN prior to taking the NCLEX. Once you take and pass the NCLEX you are no longer a GPN but now an LPN.

    I'd give your State's BON a call and see what your options are.