Calculation formulas

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    Can you please post all the calculation formulas for medications and formulas that I would need to use to take the exam?

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    Are you serious? :uhoh21:
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    There are too many to learn in just a day or two.
    Do you know how to calculate the drip rate for an IV?
    Do you know how to figure out if an ordered dose of medication is too much for the size and weight of the patient?
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    Uh........don't you think you're a little late on this one?

    You need to review your textbooks and go back over your own notes to find the formulas, then do some practice calculations until you are sure of yourself. I'm serious. This basic knowledge is too vital to blow off until two days before sitting for the NCLEX; in case you didn't know already, every math mistake in nursing is a MED ERROR, and every med error is a potential disaster, not only for the patient but for the nurse who faces liability issues, license suspension/revocation, and loss of their livelihood.

    Get with it, and learn those calculations owe your future patients nothing less. :stone

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