CA-LVN License How long does it take?

  1. 0 Im from California, just got from the boards my LVN Pass letter...

    Sent off the $150.00 license charge

    Sent out Dec 16...

    I check the CA LVN website to see if I have a license number.. nothing...

    So how long does it take?? Also if I do see my number on the website can I start applying for jobs???
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    I am also in California, so I know how you feel. From the time I sent my check, it took exactly 4 weeks to see my name and license number on the web and an additional two days for my card to arrive in the mail.

    Just keep a watch for when your check cashes. Once it is cashed, it will only be another week or so

    Congrats on passing boards!
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    It took me about 4 weeks as well after I recieved the letter but I started interviewing as soon as I got my letter and got hired the same week. I worked for about 3 weeks before I even had my physical license. If I were you I would start looking now...Good Luck
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    Takes about 6 weeks or so. They are always behind it seems. Thats how long mine took several years ago.

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