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Any New Grads in NYC

  1. 0 Anyone able to get a job and long did it take and what did u do to find it
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    Im in nyc, and i can tell you that it is very difficult, because employers want you to have nursing experience. I have been looking for a job since i got my license in late nov, and i have not been successful. I have tried everything, i called, email,fax,went in person, word of mouth, nothing has worked. So i honestly don't know what to tell you, maybe your luck may be better than mine, but be prepared to really go hard
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    Thanks for the reply i thought it was just me having no luck. Ive been a cna for 7 year and it doesnt count. Trying really hard. Wat school did you go to
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    I would try home- care agencies, they tend to work with you if you are a new grad, but you may have to go on a few shifts with an experienced nurse it's without pay, but at least it's a start
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    I have no problem dong that but the ones i contacted white glove staff blue etc said at least 8 months but ill keep trying thanks