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ALF regulations in Fl

  1. 0 I'm a staff Lpn that works in an ALF in Florida. Today I heard a that marketing wants to move in a resident that has a morphine pump, and that the administration is considering it. I have looked under Florida ALF regulations and cannot find a statute that addresses the issue.I'm very concerned, as ALFs are not staffed for this, and I fear for the resident's well being and my license. Help ! Anyone know ??
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    Ideally, anything that requires a 24 hr monitoring does not qualify for ALF. I view ALF as a HOME away from home. It's really up to your comfort level whether you're okie with having the resident there. I personally, would say no as I am not as skilled when it comes to morphine pump. Dare I say, it's not my forte.
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    My guess is that the patient would be responsible for that pump, himself. If not, and even if- he must have some pretty significant medical issues to have it in the first place?