Where to go for my physical exam?

  1. Anyone know of where I can get my physical exam done that isn't very expensive? I start a RN program in the fall and will need vaccinations as well. If you can tell me around how much your exam cost you that would be helpful too. I don't have insurance yet so I will be paying for it out of pocket.
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  3. by   cassie77775
    What area are you in?

    I went to a walk in clinic that our nursing school recommended. They gave us discounted rates But I don't remember how much it was.
  4. by   H0pefulnurse
    I'm in New Orleans
  5. by   larutan
    You can go to daughter's of charity clinic. They have a sliding scale based on income.
  6. by   H0pefulnurse
    Thanks I made an appointment with them today.
  7. by   larutan
    You're welcome.