Tulane Lakeside: How are the working conditions in 2013

  1. Hi, this is my first post so I hope I am doing it correctly.

    Does anyone know what Tulane and Tulane Lakeside is like to work for now? I am considering applying.

    I have seen previous post from several years ago regarding working for Tulane in New Orleans. All comments have been negative and to stay away. I have also heard the same thing from a few other people as well. They say the pay is higher because the units are difficult to work for.

    Just wondering if things have change. How is it working in the Nursery, NICU, L&D? Is it better than the other departments? How do they treat the fulltime vs. prn and agency?
    I have heard prn are required to work 5 days. At one time full time were required to work overtime. This leads me to believe there is a staffing problem.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated. I want to make an informed decision.
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  3. by   NOLAgirl2
    Well, I hope it isn't as bad as what you've heard! I applied a couple of weeks ago and the next week I got a call for an interview. I did get a PRN tech job, so like I said, I hope the working conditions aren't too bad! I start working closer to the summer, so I'll let you know!