spring '11 charity students...where to go for cpr class?

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    i'm running into trouble finding the proper cpr classes that i'm not too late to sign up for. Can anybody out there point me in the right direction?
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    Go to cprhealthandsafety.com. Hopefully you will have no trouble finding a class with this lady, since she schedules them weekly. Good Luck!
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    Thanks. I got one for nxt weekend. Where are you doing your clinicals? I'm at ej
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    I am at Ochsner Kenner. So ready to get started already!!!
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    Anxious anxious anxious!
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    what teachers do yall have?
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    I just got lucky today and someone dropped from tomorrows class on th e westbank with ms. ulmer. Did you call her? maybe you could just show up there in hopes that someone doesnt come
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    Does anyone here ever been in the Phlebotomy Program at Delgado or know anyone who has? thks