SELU SON Summer 2012

  1. I have my app in for the accelerated program at Southeastern Louisiana. Checking to see if anyone else on here has applied as well.
    Crossing my fingers that the minimum GPA threshold doesn't cross the 3.5 point. I searched a number of posts, and it looks like the accelerated program hovers between a 3.31 - 3.42 for the years people have posted. I know it only matters for the applicants this semester, since they only take the top 22 people by GPA. I'm just really hoping to get in on the first shot and not be an alternate. I don't think my nerves can handle it.
    I will update with good and/or bad news when I get it, including the GPA cutoff if they provide it.
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    I got my acceptance email on March 1st. I have a 3.511, so i know that cutoff was at least below that. I go to orientation tomorrow, and will ask what the cutoff was if anybody out there is interested.
  5. by   lagalanurse
    Congrats! I know I'm a little late and you should be almost done with your second semester. I graduate from SLU in 2 weeks and did the accelerated program. Good luck!!