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  1. 0 Wondering if anyone has had to or heard of someone whos had to take a make-up exam and can tell me how it was. I've just landed a great job at a local hospital and their orientation happens to fall on the same day as our next exam. I don't know if they'll grant me the make-up test yet, but wanted to know if the exam is still a mulitiple choice exam.
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    I only know of someone who has had to take a make up Pharm exam and it was just a similar test to the one that we took, still multiple choice. She was sick so I would make sure if that would be reason enough for you to be able to make up a make up test.
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    I ended up rescheduling my job orientation and took the exam. I'm glad I did too because the test was difficult and 5 points would've hurt me pretty bad. Thanks for your feedback!
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    as a recent charity grad I can tell you try and avoid the makeup tests. I have heard from several people that had to take them that they are not all multiple choice. Some are writing out the answers. Hope this helps you

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