Question about Ochsner

  1. I have an interview coming up for a LPN position with Ochsner. Does anyone know if the payrate has gone up now that they have gone to team nursing? I make 17.50 where I am now, but the work is miserable. I could take a big paycut if it meant better job satisfaction... but I definitely cannot survive on 12$ an hour. I made that as a CNA in Arkansas.
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  3. by   Toastedpeanut
    I believe the LPN salary is $13 - $15 per hour plus differentials. We recently went away from the "team nursing" but all LPNs have an RN they are assigned to to push meds, hang blood, take report (that's right, LPNs are no longer allowed to get report), and so on and so on. All the LPNs on my floor are going to school to become RNs. LPNs are all assigned 5 patients, day and night shift (nights are worse). LPNs are also transferred to the Telemetry floor to "watch" telemetry ALL DAY, when it is felt they are not needed. Ochsner... not a good place to be an LPN, or an RN for that matter.