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Proof of health insurance (CSN)

  1. 0 Ok so I know we have to show proof of health insurance on Jan. 20th. The problem is that I'm a dependent and the insurance card is in my mom's name. My advisor didn't really explain what we need to show and the packet is very vague about it. Can anyone tell me what they've used to show proof??
    Thanks in advance!
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    Contact the Associate Professor/ Evening Div. Asst. Dean. She will be able to answer your question.

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    bring 2 copies of the front and back of your insurance card.
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    Ok Thank you! I know who that is.
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    as i recall they just glanced at it and signed your sheet stating that you had it...mine had hubby's name on it, no prob.
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    If they want proof that you are covered on the policy, you can request a letter from your parent's employer(s) stating so.