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Passed NAC I !

  1. 0 WOOHOO !!! I passed NAC I !!!! Dancing, singing,,,,,,,,,:chuckle:wink2:
    Go Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans !!!!
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    Congrats!!! I passed too!!! Unfortunately we lost two in my clinical group who didn't quite make it. Hopefully next semester will be a breeze!!!
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    i passed too!!!:wink2::dclown:
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    Congrats to you all! I can't wait and HOPE I can say the same thing after the Spring Semester. Way to go! There's another thread on advice for beginning Nac 1 students if you have something you'd like to share to help those of us approaching Nac 1 this next semester...if you haven't shared already. It's GREATLY appreciated and once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!