OLOL/West Jeff 2009........

  1. 0 did anyone apply to olol/west jeff for 2009? if so, did you receive a letter for an interview?:icon_roll my interview is next week!!!!!!!! what do i need to expect for the interview?
    i want to prepare myself.:typing
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    Expect questions, and come prepared with questions of your own. There is a book entitled similar to "500 questions asked at interviews." Several of the questions I was asked came from that book. Such as "Why should we pick you over others?" and "Would you hire you". I think you can google "interview questions" and practice. Be confident, smile and sit up straight. Look them in the eye and take a second to think about what you have been asked whether you need to or not.
    They WILL ask if you have any questions so be ready for this one.

    Good luck
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    Hi I was wondering if you still have pharm notes? If so can you send them to me by sending your email to me privately?

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