OLOL Accelerated ASN for fall

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    Anyone applying to OLOL accelerated program for the Fall? I'm getting so anxious to hear something back! I'm taking my last anatomy right now, but I hope not having a grade in it yet won't hurt my acceptance chances...

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    Hey there....I just came across this site...I too applied for OLOL Accel @ Tulane...Let the waiting games begin....Which campus did you apply to WhoDat1986?
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    I applied for Tulane too! But I also said I wanted to be considered for all 3 programs. I'm so nervous I won't get in. The girl I know who did the accelerated in Baton Rouge said she was 10th on the waiting list and still got in.
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    When did your friend find out she was placed on a waiting list? Im wondering how long it takes before they actually begin making a decision...
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    She found out late May and was accepted early June. But that was for BR so...I'm guessing that was about 2 months after the application deadline?

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