OLOL Accelerated ASN for fall

  1. Anyone applying to OLOL accelerated program for the Fall? I'm getting so anxious to hear something back! I'm taking my last anatomy right now, but I hope not having a grade in it yet won't hurt my acceptance chances...
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  3. by   southernbelle225
    Hey there....I just came across this site...I too applied for OLOL Accel @ Tulane...Let the waiting games begin....Which campus did you apply to WhoDat1986?
  4. by   whodat1986
    I applied for Tulane too! But I also said I wanted to be considered for all 3 programs. I'm so nervous I won't get in. The girl I know who did the accelerated in Baton Rouge said she was 10th on the waiting list and still got in.
  5. by   southernbelle225
    When did your friend find out she was placed on a waiting list? Im wondering how long it takes before they actually begin making a decision...
  6. by   whodat1986
    She found out late May and was accepted early June. But that was for BR so...I'm guessing that was about 2 months after the application deadline?