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    Has anyone graduated from or is applying to Nunez CC LPN program in Chalmette? Any tips, advice (studying,books, instructors, funding); etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'm also trying to meet any people who are applying for Fall 2010 semester.Thanks

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    My cousin graduated from that program last December; she didn't have anything bad to say about it. Nunez is a pretty good school as far as teaches and administrators being helpful.
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    My friend graduated from the LPN program at Nunez in 2005, about a month before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. She's never really had anything negative to say about the program to my knowledge.
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    I have also applied. My interview is on Monday morning. I am sooooooo excited!
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    i wish to start this summer.
    does anyone know how long the lpn program is for?
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    It's 16 months long, but I don't think you can start in the summer. I think they only start new classes in the Fall and Spring semesters, but I may be wrong. Good luck.

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