Nicholls State University nursing program

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    Hi I was just wondering if anyone ever had any experience with Nicholls State University nursing program? If so, please give me some insight on their program...... I'm kind of torn between which schools I should apply to... Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!!😃

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    Hi Ashley,

    I am to also thinking about applying to Nicholls State nursing program. Have you been to their information session yet?
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    I will be in my 3rd semester of clinicals at Nicholls in the fall of 2012. I think it is a great program. I was scared at one point because a lot of people was saying it was so hard to get in, but it's really not hard to get it. The hard part is staying in once you get in, but no matter what nursing program you go to it will not be easy, you have to be very dedicated. Their program was the reason why I went to Nicholls

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