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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking 4 some info on Charity hospital in New Orleans. What is there starting salary for a RN (1 yr)? Benefits? Nurse pt/ratio? Do they have 7p-7a shifts? or 8 hours shifts? Any shift diffs. How many beds is Charity? I currently live in the Pensacola area in Florida. I plan on working on weekends. Do they offer travel pay/ housing? Anyways.... I just want 2 say thank you in advance. Any info will help me!

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    Where's the southern hospitality and love??? I posted this message last week and NO response 2 my Louisiana connections. Just writing 4 some needed info on Charity hospital in New Orleans. I'm patiently waiting 4 some answers from U. THANK U IN ADVANCE........
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    i have worked for a nursing agency who does travel nursing. removed for advertising
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