Nclex Pn Testing

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    I took my NCLEX PN Test today in Shreveport.
    My computer shut off at 150ish...
    Anyone have any comforting remarks???
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    congrads on taking your nclex, sorry i don't have any advice for you, i had a question though, i too just finished lpn school in leesville, and need to schedule my nclex, i just wanted to know what kinds of question where there. i took the nln, and passed it with a 94% prob of passing the nclex. but that don't mean nothing. so if you would be so kind to pass on some info, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    I took the lnl with a 98 chance of passing the nclex and I will tell you this. I just took the nclex and I feel like I guessed on most of it

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