Nac1 Readmits?????? Please Help!!!!

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    Hey y'all---

    I just re-enrolled for NAC1, after an absence of 3 years. Anyone who has been out of school for longer than 2 years needs to do a Skills Checkoff. I'm excited but a bit concerned about the Skills Checkoff I have to do the first week of school, comprised of the Basics check-off list. According to my letter, we only have 'one chance' to complete it properly with no assistance or coaching from the instructor, and it's being administered by a NAC1 instructor. Has anyone been through this already? I would like to know what to expect. I'm studying everything to be prepared, but this is a bit daunting. I cannot withdraw again from school, and this is my last chance to get in and complete everything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Good Luck with everything. I re-enrolled right under the 2 year marked so I didn't have to do the check off, but judging from other check offs we have, if you know the basic idea, I wouldn't worry too much. Just prepare yourself (do it physically over and over) and you should be fine. Congratulations on getting back into school. I know EXACTLY how you feel.
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