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NAC I at charity

  1. 0 we just got our textbook lists for nac 1 and its alot of books. I was wondering if anyone who already took the class could tell me what books you actually used or were helpful??
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    -I used the Med-Surge text more than anything else. Unlike Basics, you really need to read the text and supplement your notes prior to class if you have time.
    -I didn't buy the "Manual of Diagnostic & Lab Test" book because the info is in the back of the text.
    -I used the "Intravenous Medications 2010" book 3 times in class--shouldn't have purchased it.
    -The Clinical Companion was nice to have because it gave a shorter synopsis of the various conditions, but its not essential.

    Recommended Books:
    I used the Med Surge Success, A Comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN (any of the comprehensive books will work), and the Care Planbook by Ulrich & Canale. I used the Med-Surge Study Guide a few lectures because there were a lot of test questions for certail sections. Just make copies of the Study Guide from the library for any section you want. It's time consuming so I would just copy the answers from the back of the book and go from there.

    Hope this helps.