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McNeese State Nursing for 2008

  1. 0 Is any one in the nursing program at McNeese State University in Lake

    Charles, Louisiana. If you are in BSN or ADN, please let me know about

    good instructors. Also what was the Hesi test like and scores that you remember among classmates. Thanks
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    not yet but I'm starting in the fall- I know this doesn't help answer your question but I thought I'd let you know there's at least one or 2 Lake Charles people on In case you ever have questions a/b something local you can PM me- I'm not a nurse yet but do know a few here in town and may be able to help find answers!
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    OMG I have been waiting to find someone from Mcneese and ask about the nursing program. Please send me a message I 'm really considering applying there i've heard such wonderful things about the program!
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    I graduated from McNeese's College of Nursing in Spring of 2006- BSN program. I had some of the best instructors over there. The skills lab is very good. The program is hard, but it needs to be in order to prepare you for the NCLEX. As far as the HESI, I didn't find it very difficult. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Good luck.

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