1. Can anyone tell me if A&P is on the LSUHSC Hesi admissions test?? I'm in my second semester of A&P, but I know that it's not a prerequisite for admission.
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  3. by   Happy1634
    I'm currently studying for this exam and I was wondering what portions are we responsible for (every section mentioned in the HESI Review Book? (Math, Grammar, Reading, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Reading, Vocabulary and Anatomy) I also bought the HESI review guide that was mentioned on LSU's website and I was wondering how well did it prepare you for the HESI A2? Thanks for the responses!
  4. by   nursestudent1975
    So you are applying for the Spring semester? Is your Hesi study guide helpful? I bought an online study guide for the TEAS (taking that too) and it was a waste of $60. Well, good luck on the Hesi .