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    Can anyone tell me if A&P is on the LSUHSC Hesi admissions test?? I'm in my second semester of A&P, but I know that it's not a prerequisite for admission.

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    I'm currently studying for this exam and I was wondering what portions are we responsible for (every section mentioned in the HESI Review Book? (Math, Grammar, Reading, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Reading, Vocabulary and Anatomy) I also bought the HESI review guide that was mentioned on LSU's website and I was wondering how well did it prepare you for the HESI A2? Thanks for the responses!
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    So you are applying for the Spring semester? Is your Hesi study guide helpful? I bought an online study guide for the TEAS (taking that too) and it was a waste of $60. Well, good luck on the Hesi .

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