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LSUHSC - CARE Program Prereqs

  1. 0 The other LSUHSC CARE program thread is locked for some reason, and I have a few questions for anyone that knows. Does anyone know is the CARE program accepts CLEP/DSST, Excelsior, or ACE recommended credit for any of the prereqs? I would think that the science based prereqs would not be allowed because you obviously want a GPA (which is required), but for courses like Psychology, Sociology, etc. I can't find any information.

    For the ECE tests through Exceslior, you actually receive a grade so I'm curious if those would be acceptable. For that matter, I'm not sure if any distance learning courses are allowed at all. I will be contacting them once the director of the program is back in town (really nice lady that I've spoken to a few times), but for now any thoughts would be helpful. I don't want to remain idle so I'm still researching all available options. Thanks!
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    They would most likely take LSU distance credits.

    I've taken two(lifespan and comp II) and they aren't too bad.

    They show up on the transcript as regular credit. I doubt lsuhsc would even differentiate them.

    Just something to ask about.
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    They do accept distant learning credits, I have taken 2 and I contacted LSUHSC and they said any accredited establishment will work