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LSU School of Nursing SPRING 2014 :-) - page 5

Hey guys...I started the LSU Fall 2013 Thread and got wait listed :unsure:... haven't heard anything back from them except that all their spots are full. So I'm getting ready to apply for their... Read More

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    Hi everyone! It's my first time posting on the board. I have a previous bachelor degree in English Literature, but I've always wanted to be a nurse so here I am! I considered doing the accelerated program but decided to do the traditional instead. Anyone else on the board have a similar story? My friend(who also applied for Spring 2014) and I have both not heard anything. I'm not worrying yet. Although my heart skips every time my phone rings!
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    They cashed my check last week!! I can not deal!!!!!
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    Quote from cvitaliano
    Hi all I applied for the Spring 2014 semester and I am getting nervous because I haven't yet gotten a call about an interview. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to call? I have a 3.9 GPA and I got a 92 on my HESI so I think I am in pretty good shape but i have heard nothing from LSUHSC. Has anyone who applied for Spring 2014 heard anything?

    whoaaa, your scores are good compared to mine. Now im really nervous lol.

    btw, any males here applying for spring 2014?
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    Anyone check their email yet?
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    I just got an email today!
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    I got one too!! Woohoo! Now time to prepare for the interview...eek!
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    Got mine too! Good luck to everyone interviewing!
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    I got an email as well!
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    I just scheduled my interview!!! ��
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    Curious to know how many people applied.
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    I didnt get an email. I checked every email account i have. I'm praying i wrote my email address correctly on my application
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    Just got mine too and scheduled my interview for the 28!! I'm so excited and really nervous! Good luck to everyone!
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    Do you guys think admissions sent all the emails at once? or do you think they may be sending in groups to make scheduling easier?