Louisiana temporary permit waiting time?

  1. Hey Y'all,
    I have a real quick question...how long does it usually take in louisiana to receive a temp permit after graduating? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   southlandrn
    got mine withing 2 weeks.
  4. by   syolnurse
    graduated Dec 15 and had mine by Christmas.... usually 2-3- weeks
  5. by   tunursing
    I walked my endorsement application in on Monday and it was put in the mail the same afternoon. I got it on Wednesday. If you have no arrests disclosed on your application it is possible to get it the same day.
  6. by   katOR
    It doesn't take long at all. I graduated on December 10th (although I don't know what date my school sent my papers off) and had my temp shortly after Christmas, maybe a day or two before. I was out of town that week and didn't check the mail until after the holidays. As soon as it is issued by the board, your temp license/permit can be verified via the lsbn website. I was able to verify mine online on December 22.