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    Does anybody have a general idea of how many applicants there are to the LA Delta Nursing Program? I know they only take 30 students per year, but out of how many I wonder?

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    I'm not sure how many they accept. I will be starting @ Delta in Jan 2012 (Slidell) and she didn't say there was any sort of cut off number.
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    I am a student at delta and lpn to rn program for the up coming year 2012 they are taking 10 lpn to add to the class. Heard this on Tues. after class 10/18/2011
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    I wonder does that make 40 total or is that going to be 10 less non-lpn applicants?
    I was just curious. I guess at this point it doesn't matter. I should get a letter either way by tomorrow.
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    All the wondering and speculating for nothing. I GOT IN!!! I'll be at the Orientation meeting on Monday. YEAH!!!
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    Are you in Louisiana?
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    Yes, Louisiana Delta Community College in Monroe, La.
    Spring 2012 will be their third nursing class to admit.
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    How was it I have to take the TABE test on Friday I'm very nervous...

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